Subscriber retiring on superannuation should apply in form ‘A’ one year in advance before the date of his retirement.  He may apply in form ‘B’ if the application is made after the date of his retirement.

The subscriber shall make another application immediately after the last fund deduction has been made and the EXEMPTION from the subscription to the fund has begun to operate for the payment of subscriptions made by him and the refund of instalments against advance, if any, during the period not covered by the first application referred to at (1) above.

The amount shall however, be payable on the date following the date of retirement of a subscriber.

Upon the death of the subscriber

The application in form ‘C’should be obtained fromthe dependent(s) and forwarded to the Accountant General duly completed in all respects.


When the amount standing to the credit of the subscriber in the fund becomes payable, payment is made on receipt of a written application as provided in relevant rules.

If the recipient is lunatic, the payment will be made to the manager appointed under Indian Lunacy Act,1912 for his estate.

Payment of the amount withdrawal shall be made in India only and the recipient shall make his own arrangement to receive the payment in India.