The State Audit Advisory Board (SAAB) provides suggestions on matters relating to audit, including coverage, scope and prioritization of audits together with suggestions regarding audit approaches and techniques within the framework of the Constitution and statutory mandate of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India. The members of the Audit Advisory Board function in an honorary capacity for a period of two years.

The composition of the current Audit Advisory Board is as under:

Name Designation Title
Shri Sarat Chaturvedi Principal Accountant General Chairperson
Shri HautinlalSuantak Sr. Deputy Accountant General Ex-Officio Secretary
Adam Saprinsanga Journalist Honorary Member
J. Malsawmzuala Journalist Honorary Member
Joseph Lalchhuana IPS (Retd.) Honorary Member
Lalmalsawma MF&AS (Retd.), Ex-Finance Secretary Honorary Member
LalthanglianaVarte Commissioner of Taxes (Retd.) Honorary Member
R. Vanlaltluanga Engineer-in-Chief (Retd.) Honorary Member
RosiamaVanchhawng IFS (Retd.), Ex-PCCF Honorary Member
Dr.Lalbiakkima Ex-Director, Hospital & Medical Education Honorary Member
Dr.LalthanpuiiHnamte Ex-Director, RIPANS Honorary Member
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