Conduct financial and performance audits of Civil, Commercial and Revenue departments, State Autonomous Bodies as well as audit of District Councils created under Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India & Local Bodies (Panchayati Raj Institution and Urban Local Bodies).

Conduct audit of Departmental vouchers received from Treasuries, Public Works Divisions and Forest Divisions through Accountant General (A&E), Assam.

Issue Audit certificate for World Bank Projects, Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Central/State Plan Schemes and institutions audited under section 19 and 20 of the CAG’s (DPC) Act 1971;

Issue Audit certificate for State Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts prepared by Principal Accountant General (A&E), Assam for approval of CAG of India;

Prepare State Audit Report on Social, General, Economic Non-PSU, PSU and Revenue sectors, Annual Technical Inspection Report (ATIR) on Local Bodies, Reports on Autonomous District Councils and Separate Audit Reports (SARs) for State Autonomous bodies.

Contribute material for inclusion in Audit Reports of the Union Government

Assist Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the Committee on Public Undertakings (COPU) and Local Fund Accounts Committee (LFAC) of the State Legislature in discussion of Audit Reports.

Interact with Stake holders through the forum of State Audit Advisory Board (SAAB) to strengthen the relationship among the stake holders & Audit and also discuss with the State government departments through State Audit Objection Committee (AOC) Meetings to expedite settlement of outstanding paragraphs and other audit issues.

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