Report No 2 of 2016 - State Finance Government of Bihar

Date on which Report Tabled:
Mon 27 Mar, 2017
Date of sending the report to Government:
Government Type:
Sector Finance


The report is based on the audited accounts of the Government of Bihar for the year ended March 2016, provides an analytical review of the Annual Accounts of the Government. The Report is structured in three Chapters.
Chapter-I is based on the audit of the Finance Accounts and makes an assessment of the Bihar Government’s fiscal position as on 31 March 2016. Chapter-II is based on the audit of Appropriation Accounts and gives Grant-wise description of Appropriations and the manner in which the allocated resources were managed by the service delivery Departments. Chapter-III is an inventory of the Bihar Government’s compliance with various reporting requirements and financial rules.
Audit findings:
Resource Mobilisation: Revenue Receipts (Rs. 96,123 crore) of the State grew at 22.58 per cent during 2015-16 over the previous year, there were less than the Budget Estimate by Rs 7,066 crore.
Capital Expenditure: Capital Expenditure (CE) increased to Rs. 23,966 crore in 2015-16 from Rs 18,150 crore in 2014-15.
Fiscal Situation: The State had a Revenue Surplus of Rs 12,507 crore during 2015-16. During the current year Fiscal Deficit increased to Rs 11,179 crore to Rs 12,061 crore. It was however 2.92 per cent of GSDP, well within the ceiling (three per cent) laid down in FRBM Act and the limit of 3.5 per cent recommended by the Fourteenth Finance Commission (FFC).
Fiscal Liabilities: Fiscal Liabilities of the State increased from Rs 99,056 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 1,16,578 crore in 2015-16.
Financial Accountability and Budget Management: There were large savings of Rs 35,013.80 crore (23.61 per cent) against total budget provision of Rs 1,48,312.57 crore during 2015-16. Out of the total savings (Rs 35,013.80 crore), only Rs 24,455.96 crore (69.85 per cent) was surrendered. An amount of Rs15,913.45 crore (65.07 per cent of total surrendered amount ) was surrendered on 31 March 2016.

The Controlling Officers did not reconcile Rs 66,962.68 crore (exceeding Rs 10 crore in each case) under 76 Major Heads during 2015-16.
During 2015-16, 139 withdrawals amounting to Rs 6,117.60 crore were made from Contingency Fund. Out of this, 80 withdrawals amounting to Rs 2927.07 crore (47.85 per cent) were made for meeting routine expenditure.
Financial Reporting: An amount of Rs 12,074.32 crore drawn on Abstract Contingent (AC) bills remained outstanding as on March 2016 due to delay in submission of Detailed Contingent (DC) bills.
Utilisation Certificates (UCs) of Rs 29,399.87 crore against the Grants-in-aid (GIA) bills drawn by different departments were outstanding as on 31 March 2016.
An amount of Rs 4126.37 crore was lying unspent in Personal Deposit Accounts of different State Government offices up to March 2016.

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