Four departments of Government of Bihar and “Local Bodies” come under the audit purview of Social Sector-I. The departments being:

  • Rural Works Department,
  • Rural Development Department,
  • Urban Development and Housing Department and
  • Panchayati Raj Department.

The audit universe of Social Sector-I consists of 9937 number of units (including 9109 number of local bodies)[1] as detailed below:

Audit entities Number of units
Urban Local Bodies 140 ULBs(12 Nagar Nigams, 41 Nagar Parishads and 87 Nagar Panchayats).
Panchayati Raj Institutions 8963 PRIs(38 ZilaParishads, 534 Panchayat Samities, 8391 Gram Panchayats).
Others 834 Units(38 DRDA, Block 534, Departments 04 (PRD, RDD, RWD, UD&HD), RWD units 143, PRD units 57, RDD units-1, DUDA- 39, SABs -12 (Units of BSHB), Other Units- 1 (BRJP), 1 Medium Risk and 4 Low Risk Units.

[1]As per Annual Audit Plan 2019-20

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