Profile of DAG

1. Mr. Adarsh Agarwal,DAG

Group Officer in charge of AMG-I & IV

& in additional charge of Admin & AMG-III

Joined this office: 10.10.2018

He is an IA&AS officer of 2016 batch.He has done Production Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.


2.  Mr. Shiv Shankar, DAG

Group Officer in charge of AMG-V

& in additional charge of AMG-II 

Joined this office:04.02.2019

He is post graduate in commerce from Hemvati Nandan Garhwal University, Srinagar (Uttarakhand).After serving in the department for 20 years on various posts,he was inducted in IA&AS cadre and promoted as Assistant Director in the year 2018 (2016 batch).He joined this office on 04.02.2019 as Deputy Accountant General(Social Sector-I/Local Bodies)








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