Sl. No. Section Functions
1. Admn-I Cadre control of Sr. AOs (Gr.A), Group 'B' officers (Civil), Sr. Auditors (Gr. B) & Group 'C' staff including promotion, transfer, posting, leave, increment, fixation of pay etc. 
Service Books/Personal files maintenance&, leave accounts and increments. 
Permissions under Conduct Rules to AG(Audit)'s staff .
Issue of NOC for Passport, Permission/NOC for appearing in exams to AG(Audit)'s staff .
Annual Property Returns.
Mutual transfer.
All Pension cases
Recruitment of Group 'C' through SSC/Sports Quota and Compassionate appointment Verification of EQ, Caste, Attestation forms
Probation/Confirmation in
Preparation of Gradation List 
Anomaly case. 
Maintenance of service books
Preparation of promotion panels in respect of Supervisor & Above.
Review under FR 56(j) on attaining the age of 50/55 years of age/ under FR 56 (l) & Pension Rule 48 (1)(b) on completion of 30 years of service.
Preparation of MACP panel.
2. Admn-II Medical, TA and LTC claims of all cadres
Sanction of HBA, Computer and medical advances
Preparation of pay bills of Group ‘A’,’B’ & ‘C’ employees.
Preparation of bills of GPF, HBA, CEA and all advances.
Preparation of contingency bill
Control over budget through submission of monthly expenditure reports to CAG.
Income Tax Deduction
3. Confidential Cell Service Association matters
Tribunal and Court cases and other legal matters 
Trainings- In house & RTI Nagpur .
Disposal of applications/appeals under RTI Act.
4. Hindi Cell Hindi translation work .
Implementation of Rajbhasha Adhiniyam.
Publication of Hindi magazine .
5. General Section Control of MTS  Receipt
Old Records
Housekeeping functions.
Purchase of stationery.
All payments of electricity and telephone bills .
Maintenance of photocopiers and other miscellaneous articles, staff car.
Outsourcing of contingent persons.
Deals with Budget under office expenses.
6. Estate & Welfare Estate Management Functions
Office Building, Quarters , State Bungalows & Guest Houses Welfare of Staffs of the AG (Audit).
7. Receipt & Despatch Receipt &Dispatch of Dak 
8. FAW Preparation of annual Performance Report
Correspondence with respect to Audit Notes relatingØ defalcation, fraud & loss (M.H. 2056,2202,2203,2204,2205,2216,2217,2230, 2236, 2250,2501,2505,2515, 3425)
Issue of Audit Certificate in respect of State Plan, Central Sector and Centrally sponsored schemes in relation to above Major Heads.
Audit of sanctions relating to above Major Heads.
local Financial Attestation Audit of vouchers relating to Major Heads, GPF vouchers andAudit of sanctions relating to major heads received in O/o AG(A&E), Chhattisgarh, Raipur. 
Audit of monthly appropriation accounts of the AG (A&E) Chhattisgarh, Raipur.
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