The office, for training is affiliated to Regional Training Institute (RTI) Nagpur. Slot requirement for Trainings on General and EDP courses to be conducted in RTI Nagpur is sent to the RTI as per the Training Needs received from sections and officials. Officials are also nominated for Trainings on specific courses / All India courses organised in other RTIs, iCISA Noida, iCED Jaipur and other training institute as and when required. The impact of the training is evaluated by the reporting and reviewing officer three months from the completion of the training.

In-House Training

In-House Training as a structured initiative introduced by the department with the objective of assigning active role to be played by the office in training the officials by organizing regular in-house training courses which meet specific training needs.

As per the instructions of the Headquarters office, a committee chaired by the Accountant General (Audit) is constituted to conduct Training Needs analysis on the basis of following aspects:

  • Annual work plan of the office
  • Job contents of the target group of trainees
  • Skill and experience profile of the employees
  • Performance expectations in view of the annual plan of the office

Following are the compulsory courses which are included in annual training calendar every year:

  • Awareness about ISSAIs
  • Right to Information Act 2005
  • Office Procedure
  • APAR and writing of Performance Appraisals
  • Evidence Gathering and Analysis
  • Report Writing
  • Documentation for various stages of audit
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