Organizational Structure

The office of the Accountant General (Audit) Haryana, Chandigarh came into existence in its present form in March 1984 consequent upon the re-structuring of the combined Audit and Accounts Offices of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department.

The office is headed by the Accountant General who is assisted by 5 Group Officers,
a Welfare Officer, 88 Branch Officers and other staff.  The office is organized into 5 distinct Audit Management Groups (AMGs) placed under 5 Group Officers viz; AMG-1, AMG-2, AMG-3, AMG-4, AMG-5 as under :-

Shri Faisal Imam,

Accountant General

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Shri Gurpreet Walia,

Sr.Dy.Accountant General (AMG-4)

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Shri K.S.N.Prasad,

Dy.Accountant General (AMG-5 & Admn)

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Ms.Shweta Mishra,

Dy.Accountant General (AMG-1)

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Ms. Sahil Sangwan,

Dy.Accountant General (AMG-2)

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Shri Lakhbindar Singh Chahal,

Dy.Accountant General (AMG-3)

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Shri Yeg Dutt Sharma,

Welfare Officer

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