Meghalaya State Audit Advisory Board

A State Audit Advisory Board is constituted in each State to enhance the effectiveness of audit including audit reports by providing a forum for professional discussion between the senior management of audit offices and knowledgeable and experienced professionals from various fields.

The main functions of the State Audit Advisory Board would be to advise the Principal Accountant General of the State on the coverage, scope and prioritization of audits together with suggestions regarding appropriate audit approach and techniques.

In terms of instructions of the CAG of India as contained in Headquarters’ letter No. 223 Audit (AP)/27-2009 dated 17 July 2009, the Meghalaya State Audit Advisory Board (MSAAB) has been reconstituted on 25 April 2019 with the following eight Honorary external members and four Ex-officio members:

Sl. No. Name Designation
Honorary External Members
1. Prof. David R. Syiemlieh, Former Chairman, UPSC
2. Shri C.D. Kynjing IAS (Retd.)
3. Shri E.R. Solomon, IA&AS (Retd.)
4. Shri Bibstar Kharbuli, Retd. Secy Public Works Department
5. Shri O.E.J. Nongbri, Managing Director, Meghalaya Co-operative Apex Bank.
6. Shri Debapratim Das,  Chartered Accountant
7. Shri H.H. Mohrmen, Freelance writer
8. Smti. Agnes Kharshiing, President, Civil Society Women’s Organisation,
Ex-Officio Members
1. Shri Athikho Chalai Principal Accountant General (A& E), Meghalaya
2. Shri Frederick Syiemlieh Principal Director (RTI)
3. Shri Kahoto J. Yepthomi Sr. Deputy Accountant General (Admn.)
4. Shri Benjamin Karunakaran Deputy Accountant General (RS)
5. Shri Subbaiah Deputy Accountant General (ES-II)

The Principal Accountant General (Audit), Meghalaya is the Chairperson of the MSAAB and the Sr. Deputy Accountant General (Admn.) is the ex-officio Secretary of the MSAAB.

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