Nature of training Approved by Topics Remarks
RTI Training Calendar of Training Programme (COTP) approved by Headquarters (i) IT course (ii) General course This office send faculties and trainees to RTI, Shillong
In-House training (monthly) Calendar of Training Programme (COTP) approved by Pr. AG (Audit) General courses Training is conducted at the examination hall of this office. Faculty & trainees are from own office

Status as on 01.12.2020

Training at Regional Training Institute (RTI)/In-House Training

Out of 13 General Courses programmed for the year 2019-20 till date, we have deputed 20 officials for 13 courses from April 2019 to March 2020. As for IT courses, with 7 programmes chalked out by RTI during the year, we have deputed 7 officials for 7 IT courses held from April 2019 to March 2020.

Further, apart from the aforesaid trainings conducted by RTI, Shillong this office has been regularly conducting In-house trainings since April 2019 to March 2020 on various topics relating to general and IT matters. So far, we had conducted 14 (fourteen) in-house courses. Faculty for such trainings has been drawn from within the Department as well as Guest faculty from State Government Departments for specialized topics, when the need arises.

As per RTI, Shillong’s DO letter No.DO.No.110-RTI(SHG)/GM/1-60/2019-20/1453 dated 17th March 2020, all training programmes scheduled to be held from 23rd March 2020 onwards were suspended in view of Headquarters’ instructions vide email dated 17.03.2020 and Government of Meghalaya’s Notification dated 16.03.2020.

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