Sports and Recreation activities



  • Welfare Unit supports the work of the Literary and Recreation Club of the Office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit), Maharashtra, Mumbai.
  • Co-ordinates with  various  offices, Recreational Clubs, Co-operative Societies and Welfare Co-ordination Committee for promotion of Recreational, Cultural, Sports and Community Activities of the staff members.
  • Organizing Annual Day function (in December/January) in collaboration with the Literary and Recreation Club.



  • Facilitating participation of sports recruited staff in the Tournaments of the State, National and International importance including IA&AD Tournaments.
  • Conducting West Zone and other Inter Zonal IA & AD Sports Events and other sports events conducted the Literary and Recreation Club.
  • Dealing with Regional Sports Board (RSB), Income Tax which includes conducting of All India Civil Services Tournaments throughout the year i.e correspondence with the IA&AD offices as and when required for conducting the Selection trials of the respective sport.
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