Section wise E-mail IDs to be created Section Group Authorised Person  email ID(official) Email id created
1 Secretariat to PAG PAG Direct Charge AATMA SHRIVASTAVA
2 Report Civil section PAG Direct Charge Ram Mani Tiwari
3 Report PAC section PAG Direct Charge Amresh Kumar
4 PA section PAG Direct Charge Anshuman Agnihotri
5 ITA section PAG Direct Charge Saurabh Chaturvedi
6 Secretariat to DAG AMG-V/Admin Deepak Pathak
7 Confidential Cell section AMG-V/Admin Dilip Sardesai
8 Admn.11 section AMG-V/Admin Sanjay Kumar Jain
9 Admn.12 section AMG-V/Admin Tanuj Kumar
10 Admn.13 section AMG-V/Admin Swapan Saha
11 Admn.14 section AMG-V/Admin Bhupendra Gupta
12 Cash Branch section AMG-V/Admin Girraj Sharma
13 General Section AMG-V/Admin Rajesh Kumar
14 Executive Branch section AMG-V/Admin Manoj Kalani
15 Legal Cell AMG-V/Admin Praveen Kumar Srivastava
16 FAAS-M AMG-V/Admin Deeksha Chauhan
17 FAAS-I AMG-V/Admin Upendra Singh Yadav
18 FAAP-I AMG-V/Admin Manoj Kumar
19 FAAP-II AMG-V/Admin Ram Niwas Meena
20 FAAP-III AMG-V/Admin Jogendra Singh Rana
21 FAAP 20-21 AMG-V/Admin Shyam Babu Gupta
22 Hindi Cell AMG-V/Admin Swarna Lata Gupta
23 Welfare Section AMG-V/Admin Dominic Stuart
24 Secretariat to DAG AMG-V/GS Pradeep Kumar
25 OAD-21 AMG-V/GS Ram Niwas Pandey
26 OAD-22 AMG-V/GS Rubi Shivhare
27 DP Cell AMG-V/GS Ajay Kumar Vyas
28 OAD(Finance) AMG-V/GS Kailash Kumar
29 Report (State Finance) AMG-V/GS Suja Suresh
30 IS&DAC AMG-V/GS Amit Kumar Mishra
32 Central Co-ordination AMG-V/GS Sibi Joseph
33 Secretariat to DAG AMG-I Anusheel Johari
34 SS-I (hqrs) AMG-I Dhananjay Kumar
35 SFI (Report & DP Cell) AMG-I V.K Dixit
36 Editing AMG-I Kiran Phatak
37 Secretariat to DAG AMG-II Archana Manav
38 OAD(M) AMG-II Rajesh N. Hathwalne
39 OAD-2 AMG-II Ravi Santoria
40 OAD-3 AMG-II Kanchan Arora
41 DP Cell AMG-II Rishi Raj
42 Secretariat to DAG AMG-III Dharmendra Kumar Yadav
43 OAD-11 AMG-III Vikash Singh
44 OAD-13 AMG-III Naresh Ahuja
45 OAD-14 AMG-III Jai Kishan Sukhwani
46 DP Cell AMG-III Ajay Sharma
47 OAD (Comm.) AMG-III Ram Manohar Gupta
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