Ms. Roopal Prakash

Ms.Roopal Prakash belongs to the 2007 batch of the Indian Audit and Accounts Services. She has joined this office as Sr. Deputy Accountant General/Economic Sector-II w.e.f 11 June 2018. Before taking over charge in this office, she was posted as Director, office of the Director General of Audit, Post & Telecommunications, Delhi.


Shri Nagarajan S. Iyer

Shri Nagarajan S. Iyer belongs to the 2010 Batch of the Indian Audit & Accounts Services. He has joined in this office on 19.08.2020 as Sr.Deputy Accountant General (Administration).  Prior to this posting he was posted as Sr.Deputy Accountant General (Administration) in the Office of the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Gujarat, Rajkot.


Shri Aditya Pant

Shri Aditya Pant belongs to the 2018 Batch of the Indian Audit and Accounts Service.  He assumed charge as Dy. Accountant General (AMG-III), O/o the Pr.Accountant General (Audit-II) Gujarat, Ahmedabad with effect from 27th of July 2020, on completion of training at National Academy of Audit and Accounts, Shimla.

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