The information provided here is in respect of the Office of the Principal Accountant General, Mizoram located at New Capital Complex, Khatla, Aizawl - 796001.

This office is one of the field offices of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, Headquartered at 9, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi. For information related to RIA of headquarters office, please visit

Sr. Deputy Accountant General/ Deputy Accountant General (Admin) is ex-officio Public Information Officer of this office for the purpose of this Act.

All citizens shall have the Right to information on the following as per Chapter II of the Right to Information Act 2005.

1 Organisation &  Function Chaper II, 4 1(b) (I) About Us/Functions
2 Duties Chaper II, 4 1(b) (ii) CAG’s DPC Act, 1971 
3 Decision Making Process Chaper II, 4 1(b) (iii) C&AG's DPC ACT, 1971, MANUAL OF STANDING ORDERS (Admn), (Audit) & (A&E)/
4 Norms Chaper II, 4 1(b) (iv) The department follows the norms set in Manual of Standing Orders (Admn), (Audit) & (A&E) and Citizen's Charter, in discharge of its function.
5 Manuals Chaper II, 4 1(b) (v)  
6 Documents  Held Chaper II, 4 1(b) (vi) List of documents held (Under review)
7 Consultative Arrangements Chapter II, 4 1(b) (vii) Not applicable
8 Boards / Committees Chaper II, 4 1(b) (viii) LIST OF COMMITTEES/BOARDS
9 Directory Chaper II, 4 1(b) (ix) Directory
10 Sanctioned Strength Chaper II, 4 1(b) (x)
11 Budget Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xi) Budget
12 Subsidy Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xii) Not Applicable
13 Concessions, Permits or Authorisation Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xiii) Not Applicable
14 Electronic Information Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xiv) Almost all the information is either readily available or may be made available in electronic form which can be requested.
15 Facilities Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xv) UTILITIES
16 PIO Chaper II, 4 1(b) (xvi) Shri Tanmay Jana Senior Deputy Accountant General (Admin) and Public Information Officer
Office of the Principal Accountant General, Mizoram
New Capital Complex, Khatla
Aizawl – 796001
Fax/Phone:  0389 2334233
17 Disseminating information CIC RTI 2005 Right to Information Act, 2005

Contact Address

Location : Office of the Principal Accountant General, Mizoram
New Capital Complex, Khatla Aizawl – 796001
Telephone : 0389-2336434
Fax : 0389-2333434
E-mail :

Phone Numbers

Principal Accountant General : 0389-2335566
Sr.Deputy Accountant General (Administration) : 0389-2334233
Sr.Deputy Accountant General (Audit) 0389-2336434
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